I'm going to try to keep a running tally of my favourite songs ever. Given that I have little idea how many there are...




wat da dog doin

$0 budget and they made the dog look like he drivin’ the car, this is a cinematographic achievement

"Gee, I Really Love You" by Heavy Trash - from 2009’s Midnight Soul Serenade.

I’ve been lucky enough to see these guys a couple times. Once in my local bar, which really..man, they are far too good to have been playing, and once at Toronto’s legendary Horseshoe Tavern. They are a fantastic live band - one of the most entertaining, electric bands, I’ve ever seen.

This track - man…it’s such a lovely expression of love. I fight the urge to quote it regularly. Jon Spencer’s vocals are amazing too. Enjoy!

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great taste in music

hey thanks! I really should update more. thisismyjam sorta took over for tumblr on this front. 

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Mermaid Parade, from Phosphorescent’s 2010 record, “Here’s to Taking it Easy”

I first came across this band when they put out a full album tribute to Willie Nelson with some fantastic versions of old Willie tunes. This record came out and I wondered about  Matthew Houck’s songwriting chops - what did HIS songs sound like?

The record didn’t grab me as quickly, but after a couple listens, I came to reach for it fairly regularly. For starters, who doesn’t like “taking it easy”? Sheesh. 

The track entitled Mermaid Parade caught my attention one day for its amazing encapsulation of a failed relationship, pretty much in a single verse. Every time I hear it, my heart breaks all over again for the singer and Amanda. Check it out.

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"Up To Me" - an outtake from Bob Dylan’s 1975 record, Blood on the Tracks

I’m pretty sure that this is my favourite Dylan song. Goodness knows that can be a tough call, but Up to Me is pretty amazing. It was recorded during Blood On the Tracks, and showed up on one of the “bootleg” series releases, but it also wraps up the bootleg of the New York Sessions of Blood on the Tracks. Some of the lines murder me when I hear ‘em and make me wish I’d written them. 

I’m a big fan of:

  1. I’ve only got me one good shirt left and it smells of stale perfume
  2. When the dawn came over the river bridge, I knew it was up to me
  3. Well, Dupree came in pimpin’ tonight to the Thunderbird Café

but my favourite has to be: 

In fourteen months I’ve only smiled once and I didn’t do it consciously

That really is about as good as it gets, people. Seriously.

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You Can’t Put Your Arms Around a Memory - from Ronnie Spector’s 1999 EP, She Talks to Rainbows

This is a Johnny Thunders’ song, covered by the voice of The Ronnettes, Ronnie Spector. It’s haunting, and beautiful, and she does an incredible job of finding the sadness in the song that Johnny wrote. There are some killer youtube videos of Johnny Thunder doing this song live, nice and spartan. Check a few out.